Black and White Portraits – Lighting with Speedlites

6 09 2011

This is a part of a portrait series I’ve done with friends and students at Riguardare photography school.

The idea was to mix a little of the ambient lighting with the strobes, creating a dramatic effect.

The light was set up with three Speedlites, one 420EX with barn doors lighting the background, one open 550EX from behind the subject, acting like hair light and also as a kicker, both of them in the group B, and a 580EXII with a great round diffuser as the key light in the upper front of the subject, in the group A. A white reflector at the waist level of the subject was used to add some fill to the shadows. The ratio between groups A and B was 1:2, and the flash exposure compensation was set to -1.

Exposure was set to 1/30s, 400 ISO, f5.6, this way we got a little exposure for the ambient light (underexposed by two stops), adding some fill and ambience without getting too much noise, the depth of field was shallow so I had to pay extra attention on focusing. The lens was the Canon EFs 17-55mm f2.8 on a Canon EOS 7D.

Here are the final images:

Simões, a friend and fellow photographer

Neide Comodo, a friend and director of the Riguardare School of Photography

This is me but this is not a self portrait, this picture was taken by my friend Simões.

Hope you liked it.

All the best,
Armando Vernaglia Jr




One response

6 09 2011
Simões Cardoso

Excelente !
Thank you Vernaglia !!

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