Photography in small places

23 08 2011

I took this series of photographs for a client of mine, Binne Confort, they are a Brazilian retail shoe chain with 6 stores, all located at shopping malls.

The stores are confortable but small, so the pictures must focus on the confort and try to avoid the idea of ​​small rooms, which may not be so comfortable.

In these occasions I use to follow two rules: avoid people and photograph with wide angle lenses.

Avoiding people is usefull when photographing small places because a person in a picture adds the sense of size and scale, which is great to large places, but unwanted for the small ones.

And the use of wide angle lenses allows to extend the sense of distance between the foreground and background, making the place looks a little larger.

All pictures done with the Canon EOS7D, EFs 10-22mm lens, no filters. Converted from RAW to TIF and JPEG in DPP (Digital Photo Professional).

Hope you like it.

All the best,
Armando Vernaglia Jr




4 responses

23 08 2011
Jozé de Abreu

Muito bacana! Você só usou a luz ambiente?

23 08 2011

Nas fotos que tem produto em primeiro plano foi usado flash para equilibrar a luz. Em algumas lojas (não nessas fotos que publiquei), houve necessidade de usar o flash para equilibrar a luz do ambiente, mas foram poucas, nessas aqui só a do ambiente e flash nos produtos do primeiro plano.

27 08 2011

I am in the photography business myself, but have only as yet had a couple of contracts as a wedding photographer, could you advise me how you get into taking shots for places such as the big food chains and shops etc.

27 08 2011

Hi Michael. I guess the two main things you have to keep in mind is to make some efforts in marketing your work, and to be patient. I’m on the photography business for at least 15 years. To build up a solid relationship with customers takes time and much work. So keep this two things in mind: marketing and patience. Take a look at this blog, it has great resources in marketing for photographers –
All the best,
Armando Vernaglia Jr

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