Lighting street portraits with Canon Speedlites

19 07 2011

This is a part of a portrait series I’ve done of my students at Riguardare photography school. I will not post the entire series since this class has 18 students, so I selected three pictures which mainly exemplify the lighting set up used that night.

The idea was to mix the street lighting with the strobes.

The light was set up with two Speedlite 420EX from behind the subjects, acting like hair light and also as a kicker, both of them in group B, a 580EXII with a great round diffuser as the key light in the upper front in group A, and a white reflector at the waist level of the subject. The ratio between groups A and B was 1:2, and the flash exposure compensation was set to -1 and 1/3.

Exposure was set to 1/30s, 1250 ISO, f2.8, this way we got a good exposure for the ambient light without getting too much noise, the depth of field was very shallow so I had to pay extra attention on focusing. The lens were Canon EFs 24mm f2.8 and the camera is a Canon EOS 7D.

Here are the final images:

Hope you liked it.

All the best,
Armando Vernaglia Jr




2 responses

19 07 2011

Holy crap, the world is falling over! EVERYONE RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! =)

19 07 2011

don’t need to panic, is just a dutch angle =^)

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