Sao Paulo downtown, Brazil

27 04 2010

Here’s some pictures I’ve made at Anhangabaú Valley. The valley and its surrounding region are known as “Old’s Downtown” or “Historical Downtown”. In these pictures you can see some of the landmarks of the city of Sao Paulo, like the City Hall, the Viaduto do Chá and the Shopping Center Light.

The Anhangabau Valley is one of my favorite places in Sao Paulo downtown, with the Municipal Theatre at left and the Shopping Light at the background.

This one I’ve taken from the top of a building, you can see landmarks like the City Hall, the Viaduto do Chá (wich means Tea Viaduct) and the Shopping Light (a mall). On the background it’s possible to see the Italia Building, the higher skyscraper of Sao Paulo.

Another one from the top of a building.

Back to the ground, another view of the Vale do Anhangabau (Anhangabau valley), Sao Paulo downtown, Brazil.

And the last one of this set of images, one of the water mirrors that you can find in this region. At the center of the picture it’s possible to see the Martinelli building, the first skyscraper of Sao Paulo.

TIPS for Photographers: One of my favorite ways of documenting a place like this, a historical center of a large city, is to use a very wide angle lens and a narrow aperture. With this I can embrace an entire scene and tell the whole story in a single frame, with elements distributed from the foreground to the background. The narrow aperture gives me great depth of field and sharpness through all the scene.

All the best,
Armando Vernaglia Jr




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3 05 2010
Wayne Prankard

Loved the Sao Paolo shots – thanks. Never been to Brazil but I’d love to visit.


3 05 2010

Thank you for visiting and commenting Wayne.

Brazil is a great (in all senses) country. Sao Paulo is the largest and richest city, concentrating most of the business, banking and commerce. While Rio de Janeiro is most visited by tourists and known for its nature, and Manaus is known for the Amazon forest, Sao Paulo is the economic center of Brazil. It is a beautiful city, full of attractions like theaters, museums, parks, malls and restaurants, and with some large problems too.

In many aspects is like London or New York.
Thank you again, best regards.
Armando Vernaglia Jr

4 05 2010

Lindas fotos. Você se importa de me dizer qual a sua câmera e qual lente você usou para tirar essas fotos?


6 05 2010

Obrigado pelo elogio.
Sobre sua pergunta, as fotos foram feitas em dias diferentes, com equipamentos diferentes Canon EOS30D com objetiva EFs10-22 (primeira e duas últimas imagens) e EOS7D com EFs17-55 2.8 nas outras duas.

10 05 2010
Visit Brasil

Great pictures! Beautiful skies!

These pictures prove that sao paulo is not so grey as it is said! ; )

Excellente blog, congratulations!

I´d like to post some links from Republica Square´s Market, and info from Sao Paulo and Brzil, so everybody can learn something new about this huge and amazing city!

I hope you enjoy it!

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